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You have to pay your car insurance premiums to keep your coverage active. However, even when your agent makes your coverage as affordable as possible for you, it’s still a cost that you must fit into your budget. Insurance payments don’t have to be overwhelming. READ MORE >>

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No matter how big or small your business might be, it might require a significant amount of equipment to run. The equipment in your business might be computers, refrigeration systems, compactors or other machinery. It can even include the air conditioning, electrical or furnace systems that you must use to keep the space inhabitable. READ MORE >>

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When you move into a new home, you’ll want to make it safe and accessible for you and your family. Therefore, just because the property features worked for a previous owner, it might not work for you. As you move in and get settled, you might need to make certain home improvements. READ MORE >>

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by Heidi Kussurelis Heidi Kussurelis Insurance Agency If your driving activity is down, then here are some short-term options for reducing your auto insurance costs. Storage Only If you have multiple cars and can do without one for the short-term, consider putting ‘storage only’ coverage on one of the vehicles. READ MORE >>

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You may have heard that Michigan has the highest insurance rates in the country. Why? Michigan offers better medical protection than any other state in the country, providing unlimited coverage, but it comes with a higher premium. Our governor recently signed a bill that will give Michigan residents choices to reduce coverage and receive a premium savings. READ MORE >>

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Want to avoid summer accidents that you could be liable for? Check out these tips on how to be safe around pools, trampolines and ATV/Motorcycles: Pools: We all love sitting by the pool and relaxing. But it is important to be safe around them to avoid any accidents. READ MORE >>

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