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We've worked with this agency for the last several years. The response time is wonderful and their customer service is superb. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Melissande From Ypsilanti
Jennifer Johnson gave me excellent service when I was trying to get my MI insurance from the Home Office as "assigned agent" to this local agency where I now have face to face communication, after being unhappy with my "communication" with the home office people.
This agency, in particular my agent Lori, has been one of my better if not my best experience in regard to my car insurance. I am glad I found an agency that seems to care about its customers more as friends than just a dollar sign.
CantonBrandon From Canton, MI
This office is on the ball. They always remind me when payments are coming up. Easy to work with.
They have always been very considerate, fast to answer emails and calls. Thank you!
I would like to thank and give Becky my highest recommendation for her knowledge and service in meeting our insurance coverage requirements. Her experience is most evident in assisting a client in making the proper decision to the various alternatives, options and products available.
I have been with the same company for at least 15 years and have had great service.
Switching insurance companies can be a stressful time. Jennifer Johnson was by far the most helpful and knowledgeable agent I spoke with. I would highly recommend the Heidi Kussurelis agency !
I am not a professional landlord so I wasn't sure what to do when I needed to rent my condo. I am very happy with the continuing help I receive from the Heidi Kussurelis Agency to maintain my insurance policy. It makes me feel better to know I have some protection for my rental property and that I can talk to the agency if things come up.
MissyD From Kalamazoo, MI
My agent recommended adding a Forgiveness Package on my policy when I added my 16 year old daughter on the auto insurance. I did add the additional coverage and I was so happy because I was the one who received a speeding ticket a year later and had a small fender bender shortly after. Both the ticket and the accident were forgiven and my insurance rate was not surcharged because of my incidents. My daughter still has a perfect driving record. So I guess the Forgiveness Package is good for us more mature drivers as well!
Crash5 From Ann Arbor, MI
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